Exciting Updates!

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Hello, everybody!

It has definitely been a bit, so I’d like to update you on all the experiments and adventures I’ve been involved in creating over the past semester!

As many of you who follow my Instagram @sunflowerjonescreates, I recently finished revamping my social media to make it easier and more fun to see what this writer-artist-barista-adventurer is up to these days. I have posted extensively about my honors project, which I just turned in (whoop whoop!) and have also been sharing some pictures of my printmaking projects!

Something else really fun? Last semester, I took a class called “Digital Publishing: Creating Stories Online,” which I had to create a new website for in order to post my assignments. I had an amazing time learning how to use all sorts of different technologies and create a couple of really exciting projects (including several nerdy glimpses of my Dungeons & Dragons-playing friends). If you’d like to check them out, follow this link!

It’s super fun to be back on the blog–look forward to some exciting new content very soon.

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