Stockholm Bound!


Today is my last day in Indiana (and the United States) until December.

I am currently sitting in the Indianapolis Airport, and tomorrow morning, I will land in Stockholm, Sweden, where I will spend the entire semester. (And it still doesn’t quite seem real!)

This summer has flown by, but it has been absolutely wonderful. Working as a barista, I’ve made what seems like buckets of Americanos, lattes, quad-shot extra-hot breves, smoothies, and mango bubble teas, just to name a few. I am beginning to wade into revisions of my second book, and I’m already almost 8,000 words into book three.

There have been so many amazing memories this summer, and so many funny little snapshots. One day, for instance, “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire came on over the speakers and almost all our customers started dancing. If I had to name the best part of summer, though, I’d have to say it was reconnecting with friends and family. I’ve been able to meet up with friends from high school and explore strange and beautiful hidden places, like a secret forest library and an abandoned, graffitied waterslide. We’ve gone swimming and kayaking and hiking. We’ve watched movies and Westworld, lit fires and watched the stars.

As it all comes to a close, I have to remember that It’s the little things that are beautiful. A co-worker pouring a pretty heart in a latte. Running in the absurd humidity and kind of loving the intensity of it. Our giant dog Lexi jumping on top of us during a movie because she’s worried about the thunderstorm. Drawing little zombies on cups for customers who order our ultra-caffeinated “zombie” coffee drinks and seeing the flicker of an amused smile when they notice it. My brother Miles’ laugh at 1 am when I really want to go to bed but can’t bear to miss any part of the conversation. Long car drives with my mom and dad after dropping my two youngest siblings, Kate and Charlie, off at boarding school. Holding my cousin’s new baby and loving every second of his precious giggle.

Indiana, it has, as always, been a blessing. I’ll see you in four months. In the meantime, I’m going to a place I’ve never been, to live in a city (and use public transportation! Wild!). However it unfolds, I am certain it will be an absolute adventure.

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Woohoo! Have an awesome semester!! So proud of you, Char! Love you lots and lots and lots


BTW, for those reading, that would be Baby Brother Miles making the ‘peace’ sign as we walk towards airport security.

Char we are all so excited for you and this great new adventure you will undertake between now and mid-December. Mom and I are already counting down the days until our October trip to come visit.

Love you crazy, and so very proud.

Chelsea W

I am so excited for you, Charlotte – can’t wait to follow along!


So many exciting adventures to come!!!! Love you dearly!

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