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Hello, everyone!

Now that we are about a month out from the end of the semester (mind-blowing, I know), I thought I might share a poem I wrote for my final portfolio. I had a lot of fun experimenting with form and voice, because poetry is not something with which I have much experience. I hope you enjoy it!

“I Almost Remember the Way We Danced”
By Charlotte Jones

Poetry is motion and movement
and I used to hate it and I still might

but you changed the way I looked at it.
You changed the way I looked at you because

from the first time I saw you move, you didn’t move in
space, you moved in words. I wanted to understand you,

but you’re like the world, massive and pirouetting and
designed to devastate an introvert. I wanted to see you,

and you let me. Like a shadow in a theatre, you danced until
I got too close and saw the lights and the projector system.

You tangled my thoughts and made my saltwater poems
your kindling. I don’t know whose fault that is.

I don’t know who possessed whom, but I know what
entranced you and sometimes I can still smell the ash

that accompanied everything you burned.
Both of us know how desperately you loved the flames.

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Glad to see the finalized version of this poem! Can’t wait to see the rough draft for your latest prose! 😘


You certainly have grown in your appreciation of poetry, even if you didn’t in your like of poetry.

Donna Ray (formerly Thuma)

Very interesting! You have such a lovely way with words, Miss Charlotte! 🙂

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