Sophomore No Longer


Another semester of school closes, and I am currently in packing bedlam.

Today officially marks my last day of sophomore year. I have turned in all my papers and projects, and my crew team just finished the season. We raced our hearts out at the National Invitational Rowing Championships this weekend, and I am beyond proud of all our crews for how we did. Let’s go, Colby!

This has been a wild semester—I’ve read stacks of Cormac McCarthy’s novels, seen more international western films than I could have imagined existed, written poetry (and was pleasantly surprised), and learned about what exactly defines a revolution. Of McCarthy, read all of them when you have time, but definitely read The Road and cry. Of the westerns, if you’re looking for strong female characters, maybe pick a different genre or watch Mad Max: Fury Road, but my favorite of all the films we watched was Lemonade Joe, a wild, satiric Czechoslovak musical western from 1964 about competing saloons. It’s a treat, and it’s mad.

As I am getting my room in some semblance of order, however, I have begun to realize that I am now halfway complete with undergrad. That is an insane thought, especially considering that next semester, I am studying abroad in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m beyond excited, of course—I’ve never lived in a city, I’ve never used public transport on my own, and I’ve never lived in an apartment, so it is going to be a massive adventure—but it’s a bittersweet thought. I’m hugging friends, teammates, coaches, and professors goodbye for over eight months.

I have been listening to music as I pack, and my favorite band, NEEDTOBREATHE, came on a little bit ago. One of their songs is called “Be Here Long,” and the chorus is the following:

Close my eyes and think of you,
Go to sleep and dream of you,
We don’t get to be here long.
I gave you the best of me,
Loved you more than anything,
But we don’t get to be here long.

As I set off for home, I hope to remember the brevity and beauty of these last couple days here. Some of my closest friends are graduating next week; today and tomorrow will be the last time we are in college together, and it didn’t feel like a very long time at all. We’ve done graduation presents, cards, and they’ve picked up their caps and gowns. The days go slow, and the years fly by.

I won’t be in college long, but I hope that every moment I am here, in this stage of my life, I remember how ferociously beautiful all of this is. Staying up way later than I should watching Star Wars. Playing Settlers of Catan and somehow managing to be very competitive while only owning sheep spaces. Listening to my guy friends be super excited about what they’re programming for their computer science and economics classes. Eating donuts at 9 p.m. and pizza at 8 a.m. Knowing that my best friend is waiting for me to come home from a regatta and excited to hear all about it, even though it’s late.

Even though we don’t get to be here long, we get to be here. This life is a pretty amazing thing.

Happy almost summer, everybody.


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You are so precious!! Love you crazy!💜

Martha Lenthe

So happy for you. My grandfather was born in Stockholm, and I’ve been there 3 times and love it. I love Sweden and the simple but deep way of life. Can’t wait to hear about your time there.


A father could not be more proud.

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