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Second semester here at Colby College begins today. It definitely doesn’t seem like it should be called spring semester; it is currently snowing, and we are supposed to get a couple inches.

Before we let go of JanPlan and jump into this next semester, however, I thought you might like to see what exactly it was I have been doing over this past month. In my course, Narrative Film Production, each class member wrote, directed, and produced a short film in a month. There are a whole variety of films covering a whole variety of subjects, including a kleptomaniac, a teleportation device, and an 80s-style apocalypse. Mine is a little less fantastical. It is called “Nora,” and it’s about a group of friends healing after the loss of one of their own.

Something I realized both in the process of making this film and afterwards is the sheer amount of work it takes to make a movie. Mine is five minutes. I can’t imagine making one that is an hour and a half. I’ve also gained even more respect for quirky, beautifully acted films—who knew that a single camera angle can make or break the emotional impact of a scene? It’s kind of neat, isn’t it? Film provides an audiovisual experience unlike any other art form, because unlike theatre, it shows you places you will never be able to experience for yourself. I know I, for example, will never summit Meru Peak in the Himalayas, but that doesn’t mean I can’t watch and be provided the means to at least imagine the experience. (If you’re intrigued, watch the documentary Meru. It is stunning and absolutely worth your while.)

Anyway, enough of me. Here is “Nora.” Enjoy!

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