Friday is for Favorites: Sweater (And Finals) Weather


December has arrived at Colby College.

If this hadn’t been made evident by the drop in temperature, the frost on the hood of my car, or the sun going down at 4 p.m. (seriously, Maine?), then the invasion of Christmas sweaters and the dreaded scent of finals give it away.

All my friends, be they humanities majors like myself or math and science people, are staying up late and getting up early to drag themselves toward finals. My best friend, Christine, has been translating hundreds of lines of Greek and Latin to prepare for her exams, and several of my science major friends have had exams this past week as “pre-final exams.” The purpose of this is relatively lost on me, but they seem to be doing okay. Fortunately, we know we’ll all make it through.

That said, certain types of therapy for stress relief are highly recommended. Personally, I write out my stress via my characters. I have another friend, one of my teammates, who knits. This teammate also wears a Christmas sweater for every day from the beginning of December to Christmas itself (she’s one of the most adorable people I’ve met). My guy friends down the hall play Fifa on their Xbox. My coaches try to help by assigning lifts and long, steady state erg (rowing machine) workouts. Professors hold longer office hours.

Even though finals are certainly not my favorite time of the year, they do bring everyone together in a unique and actually rather lovely way. Classmates lean on each other for studying material, pulling late nights, and even just providing a break from the constant brainwork. When I admitted I was having a hard time finding secondary sources for an essay, one of my classmates handed me a book from her stack of rented library books with exactly the information I was searching for. While waiting outside of one of my professor’s offices for office hours, a professor whom I’ve never before met offered me chocolate.

If you’re stressed, tired, bogged down, bored, don’t worry. We’re almost there. It’s almost winter break. And, believe it or not, there are a lot of people who are ready to have your back.

Happy December, everyone!

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